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What Are Pods?

What Are Pods?


A vape pod can be described as a system somewhere between a mod and an electronic cigarette. Most of the vapers start with an inexpensive vape pen which is portable as well. However, vape pens are not very powerful and don’t last for a long time on a full battery. One solution to this will be to upgrade to a box mod although the array of buttons, coils and flash lights are somewhat frustrating.

On the contrary, you will get the benefits of both by using a pod system. It will be possible to enjoy the robust battery of a vapor mod and the portability offered by a vape pen. The system is going to hold the e-liquid and also vaporize it. It will be feasible for you to inhale the vapor by means of the mouthpiece. The majority of the vape pod systems come with an optimum capacity of 2 ml, although you will definitely get hold of larger ones if you shop around.

The remaining part of the vape pod is similar to that of an electronic cigarette given that it consists of a moderately powerful battery that differs in size but is usually larger than a cigalike and smaller than that of a vape mod. Most of the systems look like a USB stick although several companies have manufactured box-like mods as well. 



Difference between open and closed vape pods


Open pod systems

These devices allow you to manually refill the e-juice. Select between hundreds of sizes, flavors, and nicotine strengths out there. According to the users, a smoother draw is offered by an open pod system together with better production of vapor. The design is low-profile which means that you won’t draw too much attention and there is only one button in the device for operation. 


Closed pod systems

This system works in a similar fashion as a cartomizer for any cigalike device. There is no need to worry about refills since it comprises pre-filled cartridges. Add a fresh cartridge once the old one becomes empty. The refills are offered by most sellers in a number of nicotine strengths and these cartridges ought to be available in multi-pack form. A closed pod system is user-friendly, inexpensive, and does not require much maintenance either. This is because there is no need to change the coils or clean the tank. 


Benefits of using a vape pod system

     ◪   No learning curve: Pod systems are quite user-friendly and very simple to operate too. These vape pods are going to pop in and out of the battery area and most of them come with only a single button for operation. In case you are using prefilled cartridges, all you need to do is to power on the pod and begin vaping!

     ◪   Portable: It is easy to carry the pods since they are light weight. You can easily vape while you are on the go. In fact, even the biggest pod systems are more compact in size as compared to a standard box mod.

     ◪   Inconspicuous:  Despite producing a decent amount of vapor, it can easily be controlled using a vape pod. You can easily conceal it in your hand or slip the device into your pocket thanks to its compact size. 

     ◪  Affordable:  It is a fact that the most expensive pod is going to cost below $50 on the market and you will come across lots of cheaper products too. As compared to the tobacco cigarettes, you can easily save a lot of money in the long run.

     ◪   Leak proof:  This is mainly applicable to the prefilled cartridge models. As compared to vaping devices featuring normal tanks, there is no leakage issue while using a pod system. 

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