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Talk About VEIIK Products With Life Expectancy Of Vapes

VEIIK the vaping brand offers innovative products after lengthy research. The sales network covers more than 40 countries. VEIIK develops innovative products that can extend the life expectancy of vapes. The following products have different features to help you choose the one that’s right for you.

life expectancy of vapes
Prefilled Pods

The prefilled pods at VEIIK are excellent choice for beginners who aim at expanding their collection. Our research and development team has invested heavily in the item to extend the life expectancy of vapes. The product is available in five forms with a unique design. It is designed to accommodate the diverse needs of vaping lovers.
The Micko X offers a retro look with a luxurious design. You can carry it anywhere with you to enjoy its 6500 puffs. The leather texture makes it look expensive. The Micko Strick Pod is also an extraordinary item. It is small and compact with oil-conducting filters. The crystal kit increases the puff quality.
Micko Tital offers mixed fruit flavors with 300 puffs. The Mick Cape is vibrant in design. The exterior is trendy to attract a young audience. You can also purchase the Micko Maze, which offers a magnetic design.


Refillable Pods

VEIIK is a popular supplier of refillable pods. The product is popular among customers who love to customize the vaping kit and experience quality at the same time. The life expectancy of vapes will surprise you, in addition to the reliability and durability. The refillable pods are manufactured with high-quality materials.
Since the pods are refillable, the customer can decide on the flavor of e-liquid. Moreover, you can decide the concentration of nicotine as well. Compared to the long-lasting life expectancy of vapes, they are budget-friendly. As a result, you can enjoy the flavor for an extended time without needing to substitute the coil.
The refillable pods are available in different colors, such as gold, purple, grey, white, and block. The 1450 mAh battery ensures a long life expectancy for vapes. The type C port charges the vape quickly. Now, you can vape with a sophisticated accessory.


Disposable Vaporizer

If you are searching for an exceptionally long life expectancy for vapes, then you need a VEIIK disposable vaporizer. The manufacturer is dedicated to producing high-quality vapes. The minimal design of Mick Q or the futuristic exterior of Micko Space offers excellent quality and experience. Each product will surpass the expectations.
VEIIK uses the latest technology for exceptional products. The coil, foil, and materials are expertly sourced for a guaranteed performance. The draws do not hit the back of the throat. Instead, each puff offers rich flavor. You will look trendy and young while using the VEIIK disposable vaporizer with advanced features.
VEIIK places its product under rigorous testing to ensure the life expectancy of vapes is true as advertised. The brand has a name to upload as a trendsetting lead. Shop X Space, Micko Space, Mico Q, Micko Lux, and other products for an unmatched experience.


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VEIIK was established in 2013 with the aim of healthy and easy vaping. Our brand deeply cares about its customers and partners. We are engaged in electronic cigarette design, research and development, manufacturing, sales, and other fields, and specialize in the wholesale of electronic cigarette pens. If you have needs, please visit our website https://www.veiik.com, rang wom to welcome the future of e-cigarettes.






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