WARNING: This product contains nicotine.Nicotine is an addictive chemical.


All You Should Know About VEEIK Pods

When everyone is vaping, a custom-made vape pen battery makes you more outstanding. With Veiik pods, there will be no more being bored like with bland vape. This design has custom-wrapped batteries that will keep you rolling throughout the party. The main reason why you should opt for Veiik pods is its flat mouth designs. This is something you won’t find in other products. In addition to being sleek, stylish, and a game changer in the vaping industry, this product is perfect for those who thirst for functionality and aesthetics.


Veiik pods are in three different categories: disposable vaporizers, prefilled, and refillable pods. In this article, you’ll learn the characteristics, benefits, and how these vape pods stand out.

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Types of VEEIK Pods


Disposable Vaporizer

Disposable vaporizers are pre-charged and prefilled with flavored e-liquid ready for use straight from the packaging. However, you will throw away the device once the e-liquid runs out. Their slim, sleek, and lightweight design makes it easier to carry around. Various unique features make these disposable vaporizers stand out.

First, it’s the Micko Q Twist advanced technology that guarantees optimal performance of the device. This technology goes in hand with the youthful trend which means users will always be at the forefront.

Health is of great importance, which is why the quality of materials (ABS and PC) used are of high quality. The second thing that may interest you is the flat mouth design. This is a game changer because comfort guarantees a natural draw and, therefore, an enjoyable vaping experience.

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  • It’s of sleek and ergonomic design.
  • A smart display screen that can help you tell the remaining e-liquid and power capacity
  • Mesh atomizer core for refreshing taste bursts
  • Battery rechargeable with long-lasting capacity
  • E-liquid of different flavors, including cool mint, energy ice, etc.


Prefilled Pod

Prefilled pods, also known as reloaded pods, are just like disposables but have some additional advantages, too. Rather than throwing away your kit like you do with disposables, you only have to replace the pod. The pods are already prefilled with e-liquid. Once you have exhausted all the e-liquid, then you can replace it.

These pods are not only cheaper but they are eco-friendly because less battery waste and plastic are produced. Veiik pods prefilled are a lot smaller than disposable ones. Also, the kits kit is rechargeable with fast charging ability, so there will be no need to throw it away. Lastly, you get to choose between 10 flavors and the nicotine strength available.

3. Refillable pod

The refillable pod is an advanced device of the prefilled pod. This Veiik pod is sold as an empty kit. It doesn’t have e-liquid; you will have to buy it separately. The term refillable comes in as you have to refill the pods with e-liquid, and you can replace the atomizer coil or the pod. With refillable Veiik pods, you have an endless variety of flavors.

Why Choose VEIIK Pods

At VEIIK, style, comfort, and convenience is the main priority. With over ten years of experience in the vaping industry, we are a leading disposable pod supplier specializing in R&D, design, production, and sales of e-cigarettes. All our products are of high quality and give you the comfort and flavor you need while vaping. You can check out our products for better deals and prices.






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