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How to select top electronic cigarette?

How to select top electronic cigarette?


If you're serious to limit tobacco consumption, there is no product but VEIIK pod. It's a simple device entailing no maintenance, easy to carry and is economical when compared to conventional cigarettes.

When choosing an electronic cigarette, it's your personal choice to opt for one - one you love the most. Yet, certain points will probably help you choose a better one than you had in plan. We’ll explain here a few points on how to choose the top electronic cigarette. The object is to make it easy for you to choose the best brand at the best price as the market is flooded with numerous brands and makes of electronic cigarettes.

As we said before, there are numerous brands of electronic cigarettes. To choose the best one is a bit overwhelming unless you come across the one you love most easily. VEIIK Airo Pod Vape or to put it simply VEIIK pod is among the best of all the ones available in the market. We will discuss here how to select top electronic cigarette.

As the objective is to choose a quality electronic cigarette, you need to consider certain criteria while you make the purchasing decision.


Things to consider: These include product style, buying a kit with different accessories, the performance of the vapor, and the quality of the brand. We’ll separately mention each of these briefly.

Product style:

Today, there are different styles of electronic cigarettes including vapor styles, e-cigarette ranging from models that resemble common cigarettes and bigger APV models. Advanced personal vaporizers are meant for advanced and experienced smokers.

The smaller designs are more popular. The middle size models are last longer than the smaller models.

VEIIK Airo Pod Vape is a low-cost product meant for high-strength NIC salts and is equipped with a refillable pod of 1.2 ohms. It holds 2 ml e-juice.

VEIIK pod is available in a wide range of colors. You can buy it on the official website of the manufacturer or Chinese retailers. You can also get it from a few US retailers. 

Choosing kits according to accessories

Each kit of electronic cigarette includes vaporizers, battery, and the operation manual. You choose kits meant for either bigger and or experienced ones.

Choose cartomizers that are either prefilled or refilled. The prefilled cartomizers are meant for a single-use and need to be disposed of where there is no nicotine. On the other hand, you can use refillable cartomizers by refilling them with nicotine when it exhausts.

Made of a sort of thick zinc alloy, leather-like back, and front texture, it's no awkward structure.

The magnets are strong and are likely to make the pod to pop out. However, the magnets are heavy to maintain the weight. As one vape becomes shaky, there are four in one kit.

The pods are of dark tint you can see through even with low light. However, the side-refill is not that great feature. 


Also, decide with respect to the budget. Starter kits are low-priced and economical. Check out for prices.

By all accounts, given the range of its price, VEIIK pod is a great pod vape with great aesthetics. 

Performance of vapor

A top electronic cigarette delivers the best performance. Performance in this context implies the amount of vapor, battery life, and the throat hit.

The amount of vapor is the quantity of the vapor that the e-cigarette makes. For light smokers, low vapor performance will be enough. Contrariwise, for heavy smokers, higher vapor production will be the better option.

Throat hit explains the quality of heat that the e-cigarette generates. It varies - strong or weak according to the model.

The best point on VEIIK pod is that it becomes warm without becoming hot and the amount of vapor that hits the throat hit is high.

It's noiseless when operating. It's an excellent device to get a quick dose of high-powered NIC salts. It’s the best device if you struggle to spend time for puffs. The refill plug is located on the side.

The device is protected against short circuits when operating under insufficient voltage. Thus, under such circumstances, the device gets shut down in just eight seconds. The pod cartridges are refillable. The automatic Sensor System. The product is made as per TPD standards.

As for battery life, for heavy smokers, it matters much. If the batter performance is better it leads to better performance of the cigarette.

Equipped with 500 mAh battery pass-thru charging, it is equipped with MTL hit that has no facility to adjust the power. Built with PU panels both on the back and front, it has at the bottom an air-driven system. The wick is made of organic cotton. When there is a drop in the battery power, you’d experience low-quality vape. You can get the battery changed with the standard USB port on the side of the vape.

The battery functionality is indicated by the LED display in three colors. It looks white when it's 100 % charged, blue when it's below 70% more than 30 % and is red when the power drops to 15 % or lower. When the battery is gone, the vape starts flashing in bright red. 

The quality of the brand

The electronic cigarette industry is fast-growing and the number of brands and makes is rapidly expanding. Thus, today the user has a wide range of brands and makes to choose from.

To choose the top electronic cigarette, we suggest a few tips.

Visit the official websites of electronic cigarette manufacturer.

First, try using disposable versions of diverse brands. The disposable versions are lower priced than the disposable electronic cigarettes. You can gauze the quality of electronic cigarettes by checking the quality of the disposable version.

When you starting using it, ensure the USB port is open, or it’ll prevent the airflow and you won't able to vape.

The best thing about this electronic cigarette is it fills your through with warm fumes to bring a pleasing sensation. The fumes are warm and don't feel too hot to make you uncomfortable. 


When you are selecting a top electronic cigarette, review will helf you to do a better choice. You can visit some electronic cigarette forums for professional review on e-cig. 


Therefore, when it comes to buying an electronic cigarette, we recommend VEIIK pod because it’s a good bargain. The VEIIK pod is a pod vape with an attractive design with good build performance. It's compact, portable, exquisite and inexpensive.

Welcome to get further product information on https://www.veiik.com/product. 

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