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Top Vapes For Flavor in 2021

Top Vapes For Flavor in 2021


The best vapes are the ones that relax their users' demands when it comes to portability, design, and performance. Many vapers have their own preferences when looking for their perfect vape. They could want the ease of use and portability of a vape pen. They would want the performance and power of a box mod that provides more customization. Whatever their preferences, there is a big range of choices accessible.


The Veiik Cracker Pod is a new member of  Veiik vapes, which is one of the best mini cube pod systems. The shell of Veiik Cracker Pod is made with mult-color Integrated leather and glass panels. The high-end outlooks are more catch customers' eyes than any other vapes. 

Powered by 500mAh built-in battery, Cracker Pod will bring you a longer-lasting vaping experience. By implementing the air-driven system, you can finish the easier operations. With a 1.2Ω coil, Cracker delivers you excellent flavor. Plug the 2.0 ml refillable pod, it enables you to meet your daily use absolutely. Portable in size, Strong battery, Amazing flavor, Veiik Cracker will provide you with a diverse vaping journey!

VEIIK Airo.F Vape Pod

VEIIK Airo Vape Pod System is a popular vape, edged with metal alloy and covered with PU material in the middle, deeply impressing on you with the outlook and high-end texture. VEIIK Airo Vape Pod System Integrated 500mAh battery, support fast charging by a micro USB port to make sure a constant vaping experience. With a 3-color LED indicator, make you clear on the condition of battery condition. Constructed in a metal frame and colorful sticker, keep the durability and good touching feeling in one. 

A piece of satisfying equipment is just like a lifelong companion, only by keeping trying can you find the one you prefer!

VEIIK Micko α (Alpha) Disposable Vape Pen

VEIIK MICKO α (ALPHA) comes with a new classical outlook design, as well as an upgraded airflow adjustable function which makes the product more mysterious and attractive. Made with high-quality material, such as stainless steel, original Japanese organic cotton coil. So that can Keep rich flavor for more than 6 months. As well as the disposable vape pen with 3ml capacity for the cartridge, 500mAh capacity for the battery, which can provide a long-lasting vaping experience. Also, support OEM service to meet your various needs.

KandyPens Oura

The Oura from KandyPens is a gadget that has received a lot of right focus, being recognized by many sites as the top e-nail of 2021. It is a portable and best vaporizer that is constructed from durable zinc alloy. The wax is vaporized and heated by a quartz glass vaporizer, which outcomes in real flavor and aromatic vapor.

The gadget uses an onboard 3,000 mah battery that is activated with a smart touch power sensor. It has 4 temperature settings and it charges fast thanks to its USB-C quick charge capable and port.

THC Tauren Mech MOD

The Tauren Mech Mod is an unregulated, full mod that supports 3 different cell kinds either a single 18650, 20700, and 21700. All copper and brass tube takes ane 18650 cells with a unique adapter added in the kit.

The mod has a complete contact firing pin that offers 360 degrees of contact with any installed cell so there is no battery slack. The Tauren comes in many colors from all brass, copper, and stainless steel colors to more dynamic color mixtures. The Tauren Mech mod also specs stainless steel, hybrid 510-link, silver-plated at one end with the complete contact pin at the other end of the just under 90mm tall mod.

Mig21 Clear Fashion vape pen kit

The Mig Vapor Mig 21 clear fusion vape pen kit specs pen-style, slim, vape batteries with easy, one-button control that comes with 2 tank choices. The 510-batteries have a capacity of 380mAh and have a direct voltage output of 3.5V, which is quite above-average for these kinds of batteries. The 510-batteries have a 380mAh capacity and have a direct voltage output of 3.5V, which is far above-average for these kinds of batteries. There is also a regular chip within the gadget that regulates power output for the highest safety.

Special K Vape

The Special K Vape is a handmade gadget. It is designed for vapers who want something that is simple to use and does not attract focus. Further to its special look and sweet design,  it specs 510 threading, a variable voltage battery, and a strong 650 mAh battery.

The tank is compatible with both e-liquids and oils, which makes it perfect for different kinds of vapers. As a bonus, it comes with a complimentary 0.5 ml cartridge cover.  The tank offers the best amount of flavor and vapor on all voltage settings.

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