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Why we choose open-system e-cigarette?

Why we choose open-system e-cigarette?


Why we choose open-system e-cigarette?



Open-system e cigarette:

That is to say, the e-liquid tank is an open e juice refillable type, which can be recycled, and the atomizer has a long service life. The e-liquid tank can be refilled for 3-6 times and continue to be used. Both cost and playability are greatly improved than the closed type.


Open-system pod compared with closed-system pod:

1.Many people complain that the cost of using open system vape pod is too high, even more than traditional cigarettes, causing some smokers to give up using electronic cigarettes.What your oppinion about this?

Today, we will actually compare the daily using cost of closed and open system pods.

Because the price of e-cigarette equipment is similar, let's just look at the daily consumption of cigarette cartridges:


Close-system pod

Open-system pod

Suppose each month


4pcs pods,2 bottles 30ml e juice


15usd x 5

3.7usd x 4 +7.5usd x 2

Cost monthly



consumption cost




In the case of similar equipment prices, the consumption cost of daily use of the closed type is almost twice or more than that of the open type. Assuming that 15 closed cartridges are consumed every month, the cost is about 75usd. If you use open e-cigarettes, the cost can be reduced to about 29.8 yuan!

For ordinary smokers, open e-cigarettes are a win in cost performance!



Before IECIE did a "Most Popular E-liquid" questionnaire, many players anonymously put Halo Tribeca on the list.

Many classic e-liquid brands have not yet launched a joint model with closed-type cigarette brands, so players of closed-type cigarette will not get one of them.

The benefits of open e-cigarettes are particularly prominent at this time. Not only can you taste the "world's best taste", but you can also adjust the resistance according to your own needs to achieve a better vaping experience, and the amount of smoke can also be changed at will.

It can be said that the open e-cigarette is an advanced gameplay after the closed e-cigarette is tasted, and it is the only way to become an e-cigarette player from an e-cigarette consumer.


On November 28, 2020, IECIE Shanghai Steam Open Day will show you how to play open e-cigarettes!


Open system vape device

Atomizing coil 

E-liquid selection

Fancy vapor trick show

All here


Get free tickets for IECIE Shanghai Steam Open Day


About IECIE Shanghai Steam Open Day

The IECIE Shanghai Steam Open Day aims to focus on the field of open e-cigarettes, bringing together open pods, open large vape devices, atomizers, e-liquid, peripherals, and other products, and is committed to in-depth exploration of the player market and to openpromote and innovate e-cigarette products, expand the influence of e-cigarette culture in the mass field, guide the diversified development of the industrial structure of the industry, and create a new ecology of e-cigarettes.


Time: November 28, 2020 11:00-22:00

Venue: Shanghai Ansha International Conference Center


Scale: 1000+ square meters, 30+ exhibitors

Audience group: dealers, physical stores, and game fans around Jiangsu, Zhejiang, and Shanghai



The IECIE Shanghai Steam Open Day will take the form of a creative market to help companies display their products and communicate with players in a way that is different from traditional exhibitions.


At the same time, the night arena was opened for the first time, re-introducing the big vape competition, fancy vapor trick competition, etc. Specially invited to radiate physical stores and players around Jiangsu, Zhejiang, and Shanghai, to provide vapers with a new experience with high playability and a stronger sense of participation.




ECIE Shanghai Steam Open Day is mainly for open electronic cigarette products: open POD, temperature control box, mechanical rod, RDA, RTA, RDTA, RBA, smoke oil, heating wire, cotton, tool kit, battery, etc.





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