What is raw material for veiik airo in Shenzhen Wanna Technology Co.Ltd?

Shenzhen Wanna Technology Co.Ltd‘s veiik airo are manufactured from superior materials using modern technology. The specific raw materials vary with projects. Raw material, as one of the important production materials in production process, is like the "blood" of our enterprise, which runs through all aspects of our procurement, production and sales. We exam raw material on the international standards instead of the national rules, in order to keep the high rate of accepted products.

With a complete supply chain, VEIIK has achieved a lot in the electronic cigarette accessories industry. According to the material, Shenzhen Wanna Technology Co.Ltd's products are divided into several categories, and vape pens is one of them. electronic cigarette accessories has excellent cost performance. This product provides an undeniably satisfying vaping experience.  electronic cigarette accessories has got veiik airo performance and is superior to traditional ones. It does not require any e-liquid filling, which is an innovative feature that prevents leaking.

In order to protect the planet from exploitation and conserves natural resources, we try to upgrade our production, such as adopting sustainable materials, reducing wastes, and reusing materials.

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