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Want to Quit Smoking? Find why do people Vape.

Want to Quit Smoking? Find why do people Vape.


Vaping industry has taken over the smoking industry by storm. Anyone who has tried the Vape E liquids surely appreciates the flavour and the pleasure received from it.

Have you ever wondered where most of the smokers have gone? Why is everyone talking about vaping rather than smoking? Well in order to know the answer just keep reading the article

1- Quitting smoking

We all know that smoking is bad, right?  We have been hearing and seeing so many awareness campaigns in the past about how bad smoking tobacco is for our health, but what we didn't know was how we can quit smoking without becoming  Cold turkey ( like leaving nicotine completely ). Need not to worry because this problem is solved through “ Vaping “. 

Yes, it is true that many of the ex-smokers are now vapers. Many people opt to vape in order to quit the habit of smoking. We all know that nicotine is very addictive and it's really hard to quit this addiction all of a sudden. So people decide to vape first by lowering levels of nicotine and then they slowly move to the nicotine-free Vaping. So all of this has been made possible with the help of different Vape E liquids. Come and discover so many  E liquids at vape360 with different nicotine strengths and even the nicotine-free Vape E liquids are also available.

2-To save money

Most people turn to vape in order to save money. Traditional tobacco cigarettes are more expensive in comparison to vaping devices. A pack of 20 cigarettes on average cost almost  £10.76 in Uk well, on the other hand, you can buy a good vaping starter kit of a reputable brand for just £ 24. 

3- Competitive Cloud Chasing Game

Many of the vaping fans like to vape in order to compete in cloud chasing games with other vapers. 

4- What is cloud Chasing Game?

The cloud chasing competition is over who is able to produce the biggest and thickest clouds. For this purpose Different vape mods of high strengths with low resistance coils and quality, vape E liquids are used. I know it may sound a bit weird but remember even the cars were not invented for racing purposes but they are being used for it and it's all for the joy of Mankind.

5- Relaxtion Therapy

Nowadays our lives are full of so much stress, whether that is finding a job, maintaining the job, losing weight, finishing an assignment or even a single quarrel with your fellow partners.It is becoming really hard to cope with all the stress. Everyone has their own ways of tackling stress. Some people like to watch movies, some opt for yoga, some go for exercise and some of them give vaping a go as it helps to relax your nerves. It's not only about the nicotine, but there are also so many nicotine-free amazing flavours of E-liquid that help you to soothe your nerves and brings a joyful smile on your face.

6- To Become a Vaping Community Member

Yes, it is true some people just turn into vaping to become a member of the vaping community. As vaping is becoming popular, so is the vaping community, vapers actually get around in order to vape together.

Why gather when you can vape at home? Well, why do you have a cup of coffee with your friend at a coffee shop? Similar is the reason why you get together and vape together. In order to enjoy the company of people, in order to socialize.It has become a lifestyle or more precisely a status. Vaping communities could also be found online in the form of different groups

7-To enjoy different flavours of E liquid

Many people vape in order to enjoy the different flavours of Vape E liquid. Vape E liquids are available in so many different flavours that it's so hard to resist.

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