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VEIIK Airo Product Introduction

VEIIK Airo Product Introduction


he VEIIK Airo pod vape combines great craftsmanship and an excellent price. It offers salts made out of nicotine, that are quite strong, two pods that can be refilled. Each pod holds 2ml of juice. It’s MTL hit comes without power adjustment. And the VEIIK Airo contains a microchip designed to adjust the temperature, but we will expand on that later.

This product is available on many Chinese and US retail sites. It comes in a great variety of colors. The price is $18.99 at My Vapor Store. The vape is usually dichromatic, with a dominant color such as black, combined with something like blue, or the colors of the rainbow. The vape I use is covered with a zinc alloy panel.

The kit contains a single battery device, two pods, each with the capacity of 2ml, four plugs as replacements, and user manual and a charging cable.

Design and Build


Right of the bat, you notice just how well the VEIIK Airo is made. You would never guess that its price is so low. It is a bit longer than other models in its class, but it’s quite thinner. With a thick zinc cover covering it, helping to protect the vape from any possible damage.

The manufacturers have really put thoughts into their panels. Both the cutting and the way they are placed seems ideal. They are quite stable and hard to remove.

The pod holds still with the help of a magnet. Sadly, the power of the magnet has not been thought out correctly. With a drop or two, the pods could easily leave their designed place. Even if the pods are quite black, you can see through them with a little bit of help from the sun or any other type of light.

One of the first true problems for this vape is its refill plug on the side. They can be quite shaky. That is probably why the manufacturers included four in the kit.

When we put everything just said into consideration, this vape is quite a bargain for its price. Beyond that, it also looks fairly attractive.

How Well VEIIK Airo Works


For this review, we have tried out three of their products and more than six of their pods. The pods seem to be working quite fine. There are not negatives like leaking or anything like that. The MTL doesn’t hit your lugs fully, but it isn’t too restrictive either.

The side hole, for which manufacturers claim can be easily shut, is a mistake in our opinion. If you eliminate it from the design, you will get a better draw. Covering it with your fingers just feels awkward and unnecessary.

By far the most superior part of the VEIIK Airo Pod Vape is the hit. It fills the throat quite nicely with warm fumes. They’re warm but never get near something that you would call too hot for comfort. It makes a minimal amount of sound. For those of us who crave big nicotine hit, it might even be an ideal vape.

If you are rushing through a stressful day full of obligations, this vape could give you the nicotine boost that your body craves.

The vape struggles to perform when you try to get a few hits in succession. The flavor holds steadily. The microchip that is supposed to regulate temperature, well it’s hard to notice if it’s doing anything. Taking successive, or more than five hits in a row could leave you with a dry taste, almost like a burnt after taste.

We also found issues with a couple of the pods. They had this plastic like flavor to them. Luckily, the taste is only present during the first hit, but it can be very unpleasant. One of the vapes kept on misfiring.

We tried to figure out why that happened, but we failed to find any valid reason for why that was the case. We tried removing or readjusting the pod, but that didn’t work all the time.

Truth to be told, in most cases readjusting the pod didn’t work. The LED and the coil aren’t in perfect alignment either. You can get the LED to turn on, but the coil won’t do what it is supposed to.

LED and the Battery


If you are a stealth vaper, you will probably dislike the battery. It is placed on the bottom of the vape, across the whole width of the vape. It feels as if it’s too long and too bright.

The LED displays three colors, white when it is fully charged, blue when it is under 70% and over 30%, red once it reaches below 15%. If the vape starts to flash a bright, crimson red, that means your battery runs out.

The battery will last for an entire day if you are what they would call an average user. For a device so light, the battery could have lasted a bit longer as well. The manufacturer claimed that the charging speed is stellar. But, our testing showed that it takes more than an hour on average.

The charger is the standard USB port located on the side of the vape.

The Positives

The feeling you get while vaping is nice, and holding the vape seems elegant. It hits the throat well. The two pods with 2ml capacity will greatly satisfy your craving.

The Negative

There are a few pods that can leave you with a plastic taste as you try them for the first time. If you vape too fast, your mouth will get a dry, almost burnt taste. It can charge for over an hour and can misfire here and there.

The Final Judgement

The VEIIK Airo Pod Vape is a good bargain deal. It is safe to say that it outperforms its price tag. Even if all the performance isn’t perfect, the design surely makes up for it. Once they fix the misfires, the dry and plastic taste, this little vape could be an amazing buy.


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