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The revision of EU TPD may be delayed due to global epidemic

The revision of EU TPD may be delayed due to global epidemic


Ecigintelligence reported that although some research work may be delayed due to the current covid-19 pandemic, EC continues to revise the current EU TPD (EU tobacco directive) as planned.

“The Scientific Committee on health, environment and emerging risks (Scheer) is preparing an evidence report on the risks associated with the existing regulatory framework for atomizing products in terms of nicotine concentrations and limits,” said an article by ecigintelligence.

Revision of EU TPD

“The findings should be submitted to dg-sante by October, but officials in Brussels acknowledged to ecigintelligence that” given the limitations of covid-19, there may be delays. “

EU health commissioner wants stricter tobacco regulations

Although there are many reports that TPD is counterproductive to quitting smoking, vytenis andriukaitis, the health commissioner, said last year that the next European Commission would propose to strengthen tobacco regulations based on reports showing the actual operation of TPD.

“I can organize a guide for oncology to understand what they’re doing because they’ve never been there. The industry has never understood people’s suffering. Especially if you have cancer patients in front of you, “andriukaitis said, explaining why he thought tobacco regulations should be stricter. The problem with this argument is that the Commissioner insists on seeing smoking and smoking and their respective industries as a whole.

“We have two problems: one is to collect information about e-cigarettes, but also collect different novel tobacco products. They will have a lot of work to do. They need to demonstrate how TPD works in reality and explore the possibility of improving it. ” Andriukaitis reports on editorial support for TPD.

The full name of TPD is tobacco products directive, i.e. EU directive 2014 / 40 / EU, which is a RoHS like regulatory directive for electronic cigarette products. This directive was written into the amendment to the draft of tobacco products. On the one hand, it strengthens the management of e-cigarettes, but on the other hand, it also determines the legal market position and security of e-cigarettes, and treats e-cigarettes and tobacco equally.

Source: vapingpost

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