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Nebraska’s New Indoor Vaping Ban Takes Effect on Saturday

Nebraska’s New Indoor Vaping Ban Takes Effect on Saturday


An expanded Nebraska Clean Indoor Air Act will go into effect on Saturday, Nov. 14 which will prohibit the use of electronic cigarettes in most indoor workplaces.

According to the Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services, the act includes office buildings, manufacturing facilities, retail stores, restaurants, bars, etc. It does not include electronic smoking device retail outlets or vape shops from the indoor e-cigarette restriction.

This is a change after LB 840 was passed earlier this year, according to nebraskatv.com.

“This change is about protecting Nebraskans from exposure to secondhand aerosol from e-cigarettes. It is also a great time to try, or retry, quitting e-cigarettes or tobacco,” said Program Manager for Tobacco-Free Nebraska Amanda Mortensen. “Call 1-800-QUIT-NOW to talk to a quit coach and get a little extra help with a free two-week supply of the patch, gum, or lozenge.”

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