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EU issued Mint cigarette ban, British American Tobacco and Juul successively launched menthol atomized taste

EU issued Mint cigarette ban, British American Tobacco and Juul successively launched menthol atomized taste


1.The EU’s ban on menthol cigarettes will take effect on May 20

On May 20, two new EU directives will come into force. Article 7 requires a ban on the sale of cigarettes with “characteristic flavors” such as menthol. Article 15 requires all tobacco products sold in the EU to comply with tracking rules, such as “unique identification” to reduce illegal trade.

Mint cigarette ban

The May 20 deadline was chosen to give suppliers the opportunity to sell inventory that did not meet the new requirements. Article 15 takes effect in May 2019, but provides a grace period for the removal of non-conforming products.

As the blockade and travel restrictions in many EU countries have been extended to next month, covid-19 has made many retailers unable to sell their substandard products and face losses.

2. British American Tobacco

On May 8, according to foreign reports, the EU ban on menthol tobacco will take effect on May 20, and bat UK will launch a series of new menthol atomized taste and entry kits for its vype brand.

New flavors include Mint tobacco, just mint and creamy mint, and vype epod’s suggested retail price is twenty-nine point nine five GBP, the suggested retail price for vype Epen 3 pods is thirty-five point nine four pound.

Bat UK also launched limited edition entry kits for vype Epen 3 and vype pod for smokers who want to take advantage of the menthol ban as a conversion opportunity.

Fredrik Svensson, general manager of British American tobacco, said the upcoming ban on menthol cigarettes would inevitably deprive many adult smokers of their preferred products. So it is crucial that we be able to accommodate those looking for alternatives, especially those consumers who see the ban as an opportunity to turn to e-cigarettes.

Svensson said that our expanded product line means that we can provide a variety of alternative products for UK nicotine users. These alternative products have been developed and tested to meet their tastes and preferences. We hope Mint smokers know that our award-winning alternative products already exist.

“This evolution provides important sales opportunities for retailers who are prepared and respond to the ban. Bat hopes that all these new innovations will continue to help our retailers thrive. “

3. Juul

On May 7, the Juul laboratory announced the launch of a new menthol smoke bomb aimed at providing more alternatives to combustible cigarettes for adult smokers in the UK.

New menthol smoke bombs have been sold at approved retailers and on the Juul UK website. The latest members of Juul Labs’ flavor portfolio in the UK include glacier mint, mango nectar, Golden Tobacco and alpine berries.

John Patterson, UK sales director of Juul labs, said that the focus of Juul is to provide adult smokers with alternatives to combustible cigarettes and combat minors’ use of our products.

He said that smoking related diseases cause nearly 96000 deaths in the UK every year, and it is important for smokers to first try to give up combustible cigarettes and provide nicotine products with less potential harm.

It is estimated that a quarter of the UK’s adult smokers, about 1.7 million, currently use menthol cigarettes. From May 20, the EU and the UK will ban the use of mint cigarettes.

Patterson added that for adult smokers who are unable or will not stop using nicotine, access to alternatives to flammable cigarettes and accurate information about those alternatives are essential.

He said that through the electronic nicotine delivery system, adult smokers can choose a variety of tastes and a series of alternative options, which may help them to transition from combustible cigarettes. There are indeed cases where the Juul labs and ends categories can help end the flammable cigarettes.

“Since smoking remains the main cause of preventable deaths worldwide, this goal is crucial, and electronic nicotine delivery systems can play a key role in achieving this goal. To be clear, the best choice anyone can make is to avoid any nicotine product. “

Juul labs remains committed to working with regulators, public health officials and other stakeholders to properly launch new products that meet the needs and preferences of the majority of adult smokers, while limiting its appeal to minors to a minimum.

As part of Juul Labs’ commitment to responsible retailing, the company will continue to invest in its “challenge 25” age verification policy, providing training and shopping audits for retailers.

Menthol smoke bombs are now on sale in 4 packs. The suggested retail price is ten point nine nine The concentration of nicotine is 18mg / ml, which is lower than the European standard of 20mg / ml.

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