1.What should I do if my product seems to be defective?

If you purchased your device directly from our official website veiik.com, you do not need to register as all your information and orders are already stored in our system. Please call our customer support department.

2.Why does my atomizer smell burnt?

The heating element of the atomizer is wrapped in fabric. If the fabric of the atomizer is not kept moist, it will soon burn. Once this fabric burns, it does not absorb liquid efficiently and the atomizer may be permanently damaged by a single drying. The wick of your product must be kept saturated before powering up and inhaling smoke to prevent any damage or burnt odor. If you have taken all the necessary precautions to keep the wick saturated and still experience an abnormal smoke flavor, the product may need to have the wick replaced.

3.Can I charge the product battery by plugging it into the charger overnight?

This is not recommended. Charging batteries longer than recommended can cause damage to lithium-ion technology and may also cause a fire. Removing the battery from the charger as soon as the green light comes on will extend the life of the product battery.

4.How long does the atomizer's battery last on a single charge?

VEIIK batteries are designed and developed using the latest lithium ion and lithium polymer technology. The lifespan of a battery depends on a number of different factors, but the most notable variable is the capacity or milliampere hours (mAh) of the battery. VEIIK batteries range from 180mAh to much higher. While we are unable to list the life expectancy of each battery, the following information can be used as a guide: a 650mAh battery will last approximately 650 puffs before needing to be recharged, an 1100mAh battery will last approximately 1100 puffs, a 200mAh battery will last approximately 200 puffs, and so on. However, the actual battery life of each product will vary greatly depending on the cartridge being used. Keep in mind that these figures are approximate calculations and each user will come up with different results based on usage and battery life.

5.Does the battery need to be charged before using the product?

Batteries are typically shipped from our warehouse approximately 70% charged, which is the recommended method for storing lithium-ion batteries. For optimal performance, it is highly recommended that you drain the batteries the first time you use them. Then charge the battery according to the instructions in your specific product user manual.

5.How do I protect the battery and MOD of my device?

Please fully charge your device's battery or MOD before use, don't use it when it shows a low battery or when the battery is about to run out, turn off the battery of the MOD when not in use, and it is recommended that you don't use your device when it is plugged into a power source, although some Smokjoy products such as the Air 50S series support passthrough (enjoying a smoke while it's charging)!




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