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A Few Tips of Vape Maintenance

A Few Tips of Vape Maintenance


Maintaining your e-cig is generally seen as the least pleasant part of vaping. Why would you want to waste time cleaning your tank when you could be blowing big clouds instead?

The answer is just because you should.

Without the right care and maintenance, your vape will not work rightly and could potentially become problematic to use. So we summed up a guide about the most essential things to keep your e-cig working rightly.

E-liquids Maintenance

1.Forever put the lid back on one opened and save in a chill and dry place away from sunlight.

2.If your e-liquid has formed some crystals, gently hot it up in a bowl of hot water (not boiling, as this will cause problems with contents and the bottle).

Coils Maintenance

1.Forever use your coils within the advised wattage or temperature range, as this will make them last longer and prevent them from burning out.

2.Rinsing a used coil with water can raise its lifespan for a little while, anyway, it is not advised that you do this, as you may cause damage to the rest of your kit.

Tanks Maintenance

1.Try to clean your tank every other week, or at any time you need to replace it with a fresh coil. Tanks can become clogged over time and would not job to their complete potential unless clean.

2.When filled, save your tank in an upright place, this will stop leaking and potential damage to your kit or any other personal items.

Mods maintenance

3.Forever ensure your mod is clean, whether this is from excess dirt or liquid. A clean mod is a happy mod, it also means you are far less likely to drop it too.

Firing Plate Maintenance

The firing plate works as the link point between your vape tank and device. What this means is that if the link point is not clear you will experience a weaker flow of power or none at all, resulting in your gadget not working rightly. This is mainly true of vape gadgets that spec a 510 connection.

Battery Maintenance

1.Vape gadgets are the power source of your kit, they also have a regulating chipset to make sure the gadget performs actually as intended. Keeping your gadget in the best condition and looking after its internal battery becomes second nature when you know how to and you build up a routine.

2.A dead battery means no vaping for you, which is sad, to say the least. The top time to charge your battery is when it is almost fully depleted of power, then charge it up to its highest capacity. Charging your battery only halfway or overcharging can amazingly decrease its lifespan, much similar to a notebook or smartphone.

How To Wipe down

Cleanliness is the best principle anyway, doubly so with vape gadgets. A vape gadget with stray e-liquid on it will slip out of your hands like a bar of soap, which can be a costly error to make. We advise wiping down your gadget so often with a dry, clean cloth to reject any mishaps.

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